I have been making instruments since 1982, and began making harpsichords in 1988. I make them in my own workshop in North London and though I do use machines, I make a point of working as much as possible by hand.

I want my harpsichords to be high quality, reliable instruments, but not to look mass produced. I want them to feel human, and to have my fingerprint on them; for this reason I also make my own jacks and do my own soundboard painting.

Of course, you must play on them and hear them to get the real idea.

In the future I hope to provide sound samples to demonstrate the sound of these fine handmade instruments.

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Other instruments can be made to commission and I am gradually adding more instruments to my range. I am always happy to discuss any special requirements, such as swells, machine stops, different pitches or compasses, and different decorative schemes.
For current prices please contact me via email or phone, as there are many factors which affect the actual cost of an instrument, especially the style of decoration required. Payment can be made in various ways but a deposit is normally payable at the start of a commission.